Kawah Rengganis

While Bandung tour becoming more and more popular these days, you might like to make time exploring this city. Aside from its busy city hub, there are many natural attractions to explore in Bandung. One of them is Kawah Rengganis (Rengganis Crater).

If you’re exploring the southern area of Bandung, particularly in Ciwidey, it’s good to visit this beautiful crater. In addition to the popular Kawah Putih (White Crater), Kawah Rengganis is a tourism destination that you shouldn’t miss when exploring Bandung.

It also makes a great alternative if you want to avoid the busy road to Kawah Putih. It is located nearby, but it’s safe to say that you won’t spot as many visitors as there in Kawah Putih. That’s why it makes a nice alternative for you.

You may need to take a private Bandung car rental to get there. It makes a better option than taking public transportation to reach the destination. But, before booking your car and getting prepare for a trip, let’s learn further about this destination below.

Everything You Need to Know about Kawah Rengganis

Kawah Rengganis is located in Lebakmuncang, Ciwidey, Bandung. This crater is created from natural processes which happened millions of years ago. This is a result of an ancient Sundanese mountain. This crater is locally known as Cibuni Crater since it’s located in Cibuni village.

The name is adjusted after the attraction is managed by Agrowisata Rancabali which also handles some other tourist destinations in Ciwidey. The location is then equipped to make it a more commendable attraction for those taking a Bandung tour there.

Different from Kawah Putih which is known for its white sand and the always-changing water crater, Kawah Rengganis is surrounded by shady trees and a lot of rocks. Moreover, its sulfur smell isn’t as sting as Kawah Putih even though both craters are situated in the same region.

This appealing crater is situated in the same area with Rancabali Tea Plantation and Situ Patenggan too. It means that you can move to one destination to another with Bandung car rental. You just need to drive the same route as Situ Patenggan to reach it.

Once you discover Situ Patenggan, keep driving for about 2km until a direction of Kawah Regganis is spotted. The entrance fee is only IDR 5,000 per person. And you can visit the crater every day, starting at 8 am to 5 pm.

What to Do around Kawah Rengganis

Then, what can we do around Kawah Rengganis? The good news is that you have a variety of activities to do while exploring the crater. These activities make Kawah Rengganis is worth checking for even you have visited its sibling, Kawah Putih.

  • Bathe in a hot spring

If you’re looking to a Bandung tour that includes hot spring bathing, don’t forget to add Kawah Rengganis to your bucket list. Unlike Kawah Putih, it’s not impossible to take a bath in Kawah Rengganis’ hot spring. Interestingly, the hot spring has been completed with bamboo pipes as “shower”.

Locals believe that taking a bath in Kawah Rengganis hot spring can help with some health issues. If you have ever seen popular hot springs in Japan, Kawah Rengganis will look and seem familiar. So, take your time to get relaxed here.

  • Enjoy the tropical rainforest

While soaking your body in natural hot springs, don’t forget to enjoy the surrounding tropical rainforest. You can also take some pictures around the location once finished taking a bath. Just be careful when wandering around since the vents and pools are hot and the rocky paths are slippery.

  • Try some traditional foods

If you book Bandung car rental to visit Kawah Rengganis, it would be easy to take time trying some traditional foods sold around the location. You don’t need to be in a rush because of the upcoming schedule, so it would be more enjoyable.

The Best Way to Explore Kawah Rengganis

The best way to take a trip to Kawah Rengganis is by preparing everything in advance. Don’t forget to bring something to bathe in and towel if you’re planning to visit this crater. T-shirts and shorts are more appropriate than a swimming suit here.

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