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Sunrise on kawah putih

Bandung which is surrounded by hills and mountains, has many spots to see the sunrise. The higher the sunrise spot the more beautiful the scenery. One of the new sunrise spots in Bandung is on Mount Patuha, the spot is at Sunan Ibu or above kawah putih. This Sunan ibu is about 800m from the white crater. To get to the location, traveler just follow the directions to kawah putih, after arriving at the parking location of kawah putih, just continue the journey around 800m. After arriving at the Sunan ibu parking area, proceed by walking around 300m.

In the first 150m there is a platform to take a break while looking at the view of kawah putih, after reaching the top the traveler could wait for the sunrise while resting because there was a large field at the top. To be able to see the sunrise traveler must arrive at the summit before 5am in the morning, and the journey from bandung take 1,5 – 2 hours drive.

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