Rancaupas Ciwidey

If you are having a Bandung tour, Rancaupas Ciwidey should be in your bucket list. This great camping ground is highly popular due to its breathtakingly beautiful view and other interesting attractions offered. There’s no reason to miss this site when exploring Bandung.

Located in Ciwidey, Rauncaupas is at the center of South Bandung resort area. It is situated among Kawah Putih (White Crater), Patuha Resort, Patenggang Lake, and Cimanggu. That’s why you should add this to your schedule, especially if the tour focuses in Ciwidey area.

Different from other campsites in Bandung which is located in pine forests, Rancaupas has somewhat vast flat grassland. You may need to have a Bandung car rental to make the most of your stay here. Thus, you can enjoy the location with a high level of freedom.

The campsite is surrounded by the lush green tropical forest of Ciwidey Highland. Interestingly, this campsite isn’t only about a destination to spend the night inside a tent. Chances are you have other fun activities to do during your camping. So, let’s read on for further.

What to Know about Rancaupas Ciwidey

Rancaupas as known as Kampung Cai Ranca Upas is situated in a conserved forest with some endemic vegetation including Kitambang, Kihujan, Huru, Puspa, Kurai, Jamuju, and Hamirug. This place makes a perfect Bandung tour destination.

  • Location

Situating on 1,700 meters above the sea level, Rancaupas offers refreshing and cool air. During clear nights, the wind could be quite powerful, creating a memorable and lovely moment. You can clearly witness the bright skies with its wonderful starts spreading all around it.

Administratively, this tourist destination is located in Jl. Raya Ciwidey Patenggang KM 11, Alam Endah, Bandung Regency. You can reach the location for about two hours drive from downtown. The good news is that the roads leading to this location are well maintained.

  • History

If you’re wondering about its history, opt for a good Bandung car rental that allows the drive telling a brief story about the place visited. When it comes to Rancaupas, this name actually has a particular meaning. Ranca means swamp in the local language.

In this case, it indicates that the grassland used to be a vast wetland. On the other hand, upas means a guard. There’s a myth that the area was guarded by a Dutch guardian who is so faithful to his job. He died during his mission and become a legend.

What to Do Around Rancaupas Ciwidey

Then, what can we do at and around Rancaupas Ciwidey? Since it is a campsite, you will be able to have a camp here. If you join a Bandung tour, this destination is typically marketed as a camping ground with calming air and splendid night scenery.

But, today this area has an excellent reputation among nature lovers. It’s not only about a great place to camp but also a nice place to do other things. Since it is a very big camping area, Rancaupas can even host of more than ten thousand people.

During the day, visitors can explore the whole area. You can visit the conserved forest along with its natural vegetation, beautiful hilly panorama, and a beautiful pond. You can take an unforgettable picture with this magnificent panorama as the background.

If you go with Bandung car rental, there will be no need to worry. You can spend your time as you please. Throughout the day, the air is still refreshing here. Once the night comes, you can enjoy the amazing stars, witnessing the Milky Way dominating the sky.

Besides, you can also play with deer in this area. There are many Javanese deer roam freely around this area. Remember that they are all completely protected by law. Interestingly, the deer are already familiar with visitors, so they won’t be shy to come to you.

How to Get to Rancaupas Ciwidey

Overall, it must be fun to have a camp in Rancaupas, Ciwidey. You can witness the beautiful area surrounding the area. There’s also a group of Javanese deer living around the area. You can get some carrots and other veggies to feed the deer.

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