Kawah Putih

Who says Bandung doesn’t have any good spot to watch the sunrise? When you take a Bandung tour to Kawah Putih (White Crater), you’ll know that there is a sunrise spot nearby. It is a new destination that many tourists haven’t known beforehand.

Called Sunan Ibu, this mountainside is popular for its sunrise viewing point. Lately, this destination is getting more popular, especially among those who love to hunt for sunrise in the morning. What makes sunrise in Sunan Ibu different is the view of Kawah Putih.

Well, it’s not impossible to witness the beauty of Kawah Putih on Sunan Ibu mountainside. Located in 2430 above the sea level, this place is perfect to see the sunrise in Bandung. Some people also have a camp while waiting for the sunrise.

If you go with a Bandung car rental, it might be easier to visit this location. This is because some tour packages might not include this to the scheduled destination. But, before calling your car rental operator, let’s read on to learn further about Kawah Ibu and Sunan Ibu.

What to Expect from Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih is located in the Southern area of Bandung which is known to be the paradise for those mountain lovers. It is situated in the area where you can find natural lakes, hot springs, tea plantations, and lush green forests.

It has fresh air and cool atmosphere. That’s why many people love to take a Bandung tour to Kawah Putih. It’s because the circumstance makes a perfect getaway from the busy life. Interestingly, it also is close to other wonderful attractions.

Kawah Putih, literally means white crater, is named based on its characteristic. The water and soil nearby are milky white. Along with rugged hill surrounding the crater, it looks like a big surreal bowl from a distance. It’s originally formed by Mount Patuha eruption a long time ago.

It is found that the crater is developed in 1837 by a German botanist named Dr. Franz Junghuhn. But, not many people recognize this place until the government created it into a tourist attraction in 1991. Facilities were added to make it a good destination for a Bandung tour.

Kawah Putih is now a lovely tourist destination filled with abundant facilities. Since it’s getting more and more popular nowadays, the access to the crater is very easy. You can even find spacious parking areas, separated into two parts: upper and lower.

You can even find local transportation which can bring you from the gate of the park to the crater. Thus, you don’t need to spend much of your energy before reaching the main spot. There are even toilets, prayer room, and information center in the location.

What to Expect from Sunan Ibu

The beauty of Kawah Putih isn’t only possible to be seen from its surrounding area. Lately, a mountainside called Sunan Ibu is becoming a favorite spot to watch the lake from above. Take a Bandung car rental and you can visit this place easily.

If you love photography, Sunan Ibu is one of the greatest spots to take the best pictures ever in Bandung. In the morning, there would be many tourists going up to this mountainside to witness the sunrise from 2430 above the sea level.

This location is open at 4 am to accommodate any tourists who want to witness the sunrise. Once are there, you can also see Kawah Putih from above. If you’re lucky, it’s not impossible to see the water changes its color from green, to blue, to brown, and so on.

If you’re visiting both Kawah Putih and Sunan Ibu with Bandung car rental, it’s recommended to take a mask with you since the sulfur’s smell is very stingy. The location is very easy to reach. It is only located about 50km from the city center of Bandung.

The entrance fee to Kawah Putih is IDR 50,000 for international tourists. If you join a tour package, the entrance fee should be included in your package. Don’t forget to bring a good camera with you since the view would be very nice to be captured.

How to Explore Kawah Putih and Sunan Ibu

Then, how is the best way to explore Kawah Putih and Sunan Ibu this holiday? For the best experience, it would be recommended to go with a tour operator like MPV Holiday, especially if it’s your first time coming here.

By taking a trip package from a tour operator, there is no need to worry about transportation, accommodation, and many other things. This way, you can enjoy your holiday in Bandung to its fullest. Then, you have a guide to help you too.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in exploring Kawah Putih and Sunan Ibu with less stress, our service is surely the best choice. Kindly contact us at (+62) 813 8130 1968 for further information. In the end, let’s have fun together with MPV Holiday!

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