Lembang Day Tour

Step into an adventure with MPV Holiday! Discover the charm of Lembang and its surrounding area with our exciting 1-Day Tour Package. Immerse yourself in breathtaking mountain views, savor local delights at the Floating Market, and experience the cozy ambiance of the Farm House.

Our carefully crafted tour ensures an unforgettable experience. Let our experienced guides lead you through picturesque landscapes, laughter-filled moments, and memories you’ll treasure forever.

Join us at MPV Holiday for a day of exploration and relaxation in Lembang. Escape the ordinary and embrace the natural beauty and local culture. Ready for an unforgettable journey? Book your adventure now and let’s embark on this unforgettable exploration together!

List of Tourist Attractions in Lembang

– Tangkuban Perahu

– Orchid Forrest

– Ciater Hotspring

– Floating Market

– Maribaya

– The Lodge Maribaya

– Farm House

– Great Asia Africa

– The Ranch

– Noah Park

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