Bandung Car Rental With English Speaking Driver

You will never go wrong with taking a Bandung tour for a vacation. This destination offers a lot of things that you will never forget. From enjoying the natural beauty of the area to taste some traditional foods, you have various activities to do there.

Interestingly, Bandung is very easy to reach as well. Most travelers, especially those who want to travel like a local, prefer to use public transport when moving from one place to another. It’s inexpensive, usually trustworthy, and a simple way to get from A to B.

But, finding a reliable car rental and hiring one from them make a lot of sense too. You don’t need to drive in the new place yourself since most car rentals offer the service with a driver. And having your own vehicle can open up a bunch of possibilities!

Reasons to Take a Bandung Car Rental

It’s no secret that some destinations are more suited to having a private car than others. For instance, you want to visit Kawah Putih and Patenggang Lake in one trip. It might be difficult to find public transportation that takes you directly to the destinations.

To minimize the stress of preparing the trip and finding public transportation all by yourself, renting a car makes a good choice. There are also some other good reasons to rent a car on a vacation in advance. Let’s check them out.

·       Convenience

Doing a Bandung tour won’t be as convenient and free as having your car to explore the city. It allows 100% flexibility and absolute freedom of movement. You don’t need to stick to schedules or timetables. You can even change your plans easily during the trip.

·       Discover new destinations

It’s not impossible to find a new destination that you haven’t known before. Hire a local driver and you’ll know some of the recommended places to visit around Bandung. And many of them might be known by the locals only.

·       Cost-effective

Public transport is probably the cheapest way to get around Bandung, but for the level of comfort and freedom it offers, renting a car is considerably inexpensive. Renting a car that picks you up from the airport can often save you money too.

Recommended Bandung Car Rental for You

It’s no doubt that renting a car offers a level of comfort that other alternatives don’t provide. But, to enjoy all of these benefits, you need a reliable tour operator. The good news is you don’t need to go anywhere because we have the right answer for you!

MPV Holiday is what you are looking for. This Bandung tour operator and car rental provides the best vehicles at the most reasonable rates. The rental rate starts at IDR 450.000 per 12 hours. The price has included driver’s meal, fuel, as well as parking and highway toll.

There is no hidden fee and no deposit required. You also have the luxury of free cancelation. 24/7 assistance is available as well. Thus, you can enjoy your holiday or business trip to its fullest. And here are the other reasons to go with us.

·       Professional drivers

Our drivers are not only trained well to drive. But, they are also trained to be a professional tour guide. They could provide you information about anything as you take a Bandung tour. We have drivers who can speak English, Arabic, and Malaysian as well.

·       Pick-up and drop-off service

You don’t need to go anywhere once arrived at the airport or train station. We have a reliable pick-up and drop-off service. Our friendly drivers can pick you up at the arranged locations. They will hold a name board so that you can easily recognize them.

·       VIP handling

We are accustomed to serve VIP clients for years, from minister to general to international artists. So, we know exactly what to do. Plus, our local relationship and knowledge making sure that we can recommend nearly any custom requested for the success of the trip.

Enjoy the Beauty of Bandung with MPV Holiday

Our service is without a doubt the best one you can find today. We have a variety of vehicles in different models, sizes, and brands. So, you can select the one that suits your need and taste the best. You can easily match the option with your budget too.

We also offer the best tour package in Bandung. By taking our tour package, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy to plan the trip. You can count on us to arrange your hotel, transportation, and other itinerary details.

In the end, we should be your first choice when looking for the best car rental and tour operator in Bandung. If you’re ready for a wonderful trip with us, kindly contact our 24/7 customer service at (+62) 813 8130 1968. Then, get ready to have fun with MPV Holiday!

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